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CTE & Linked Learning Pathways

Here are the four pathways we have: 
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment 
  • Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Restaurant Services
  • Teaching & Learning
Check out this informative presentation on the CTE Programs at ECVHS

CTE Programs @ECVHS

Learn more about CTE Pathways at GUHSD CTE 

*2-3 year pathways 
*Field Trips
*Job Shadow Industry experts!
*Work with professionals in the classrooms!
*Intern at a job site that interests you! 
*Hand-on experiences
*Higher education rates
*Better prepared for college and career

What is Career Technical Education?
Career decision making and development are crucial to our students and for the future of our workforce. The reality is most high school students' career planning is unintentional and uninformed. The Grossmont Union High School District is creating connections between what students learn at school and what they need to know and do in the workplace. This concept is called Career Technical Education and the goal is to prepare students for both college and work. El Cajon Valley High School has four pathways for the 2016-2017 school year.

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

In the Arts, Media & Entertainment Pathway students take Multimedia, Photography, and TV, Film and Digital Media. Students will develop skills in a project based course of study and will learn about the careers where these skills can be applied.

10th grade
11th grade
TV, Film and Digital Media
12th grade
 Meets GUHSD Fine Arts and UC "g" requirementCollege Credit Available

Manufacturing and Product Development
The Welding Pathway prepares students for a career in the manufacturing and production industry. Students are able to earn industry certifications which qualifies them for high paying, high demand jobs. This is a Linked Learning Pathway that connects students' social science, and English classes to the Welding Pathway.
Metal Design, Fabrication, and Welding

10th grade
Intermediate Metal Design, Fabrication, and Welding
11th grade
Advanced Metal Design, Fabrication, and Welding
12th grade
AWS Certifications AvailableAWS Certifications Available AWS Certifications Available
Click HERE for more info!

Restaurant Services
The Restaurant Services Pathway is a unique experience for students interested in the food service industry. In this two year pathway, students discover and develop culinary skills, learn about restaurants and culinary occupations, and learn skills to use in careers and  life. 
Restaurant ServicesRestaurant Management
1st year class2nd year class
  Teaching & Learning
The Teaching & Learning Pathway is  for students interested in the education profession. In this two year pathway, students gain the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers working with children and emphasizes the preparation of students to become teachers.
 Teaching & Learning 1/2
11th grade
 Teaching & Learning 3/4
12th grade

**Students who are interested in joining a pathway need to talk to their counselor. These are exciting opportunities for students to pursue a valuable education that translates into a productive future.