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About ECV

Mascot: Brave
School Color: Red and Columbia Blue
Established: 1955
Nickname: Braves
Motto: Be Brave!

ECV Keys

Show regard for your self as well as your family. Speak and act with good purpose. Treat others the way they expect to be treated.

Live in "Now." Focus your attention on the present moment. Seize the day.

Be responsible for the actions you take. Be accountable for your behavior. Be proud of your accomplishments.


Be dedicated to personal and academic achievement. Persevere in the face of obstacles.


Make the best of what you have and learn how to get what you need. Be willing to change what you are doing to achieve what you want. Seek the Support you need.


Manage your academic, social, and personal needs. Seek harmony in your life.


Make the right choices whether you are alone or with others. Live so that your behavior matches your core values.


Be an active participant in your family, school, and community. Know that you are a valuable part of something much greater. Go and make a difference.


Make mistakes and be able to learn from them. Take each day as it comes as a new opportunity to learn and make positive choices.

Alma Mater
El Cajon, El Cajon
We Give Praise To You.
Red and Blue, Red and Blue,
Stands For The Brave And True.
We'll Fight To Defend Your Honor, Fame.
We're Proud To Uphold Your Glorious Name
El Cajon, El Cajon,
Hail, Alma Mater, Hail!