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Clubs and Organizations

Here is a list of existing clubs on ECVHS Campus
Academic League
"Jeopardy-type" competition game where all schools in the Grossmont District compete with one another. Varsity teams from the Grossmont District are asked to participate in the countywide televised competition on ITV. All practices are during lunch hours with meets held on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm at each individual school. Advisor Ms. Duncan 

Adventure Club
Advisor: Ms. Fosselman

Anime Club
Advisor: Mr. Enerva

Do you dare? If you dare, then join C.A.R.E.! We, the Charity Assistance Relief Endowment, work to provide a chance to those in need here in our community and around the world. Advisor: Mr. Namimatsu

Christian Club/Club Cristiano 
Promote social and moral values on campus and in the community, and study, play games, fundraise, and do community activities. Advisors: Mrs. Riquelme, Mr. Valdez

Advisor: Mrs. Castagnera

Club Rambo
Advisor: Mr. Juhl

Dance team
So you think you can dance? Have school spirit? Then, join the Dance Team. We are seeking students who love dance and want to perform. We attend dance camp, dance at football games, and participate in other events such as assemblies. Go Brave! See Mr. Gotowala

There are 2 ways to get connected to the ECV Library Clubs. You can join in on one or two clubs depending on your interests and availability. The Raspberry Pi Club has members creating something awesome from a Raspberry Pi. Club Fandom is a place to get connected to stories in all their forms. See the images/links below for more information!

El Cajon Valley Players-Drama Club
Biweekly get-together include playing games, planning activities, seeing plays, and watching movies. See advisor: Mrs. Austin

Fashion Club / Sewing Club
Advisor: Mrs. Miller & Ms. Tahir

French Club
Advisor: Mr. Roselli

Friday Nigh Live
Having fun without the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Primary  focus is to form youth and adult partnerships with young people so they will be less likely to engage in problem behaviors and more likely to achieve in school. Events include: Movie Nights in the Quad and Student Center, Open Mic Night, Red Ribbon Week, Magic Mountain field trip, camping, and weekly meetings. Open to all and no club fees.  Advisor: Joanna Sarao

Friends of Guidance
Advisor: Mrs. Beach

Advisor: Mrs. Michelson
Gay Straight Alliance is an organization in which students of all genders, sexual orientations, race, or any position are welcome to feel safe discussing and participating in LGBTQ+ related events in an aim to expand inclusion across campus. Our meetings are Thursdays at lunch in room 108. If you have any questions or you need a friend, you are more than welcome to talk to our advisor Mrs. Michelson or the president Preston Dublin ( Come and check it out! 

Leos Club
Open to all. Sponsored by the Lions Club International, this club tutors students, has fundraisers, and organizes many volunteer activities. This is for the well-being of the public and helps teenagers get more involved in school and the community. No club fee.

Library Club
See #ECVLibraryClubs above

Link Crew
Transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year in high school. Links Leaders are positive role models, motivators, leaders and teachers who guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during high school. The goal is to provide structure in which students make real connections with each other! Advisors: Miss Merschtina, Miss Vasquez 

Mat Managers
Open to all girls. Mat Managers keep statistics and scores for the wrestling team and help run tournaments. No club fee. 

Advisor: Ms. Cole

Peer Mediation
A service provide by ECVHS students who have been trained to help other students deal with conflicts in an unbiased, socially acceptable way. See any member of the guidance department if you are interested. 

Poetry Club
Advisor: Mrs. Morse

Spanish Club
Open to all. Learn more about Hispanic cultures through lunchtime parties, games, videos, and other fun activities. 

TED Ed Club (ECV TED Ed Club)
Advisor: Ms. Ferland, co-advisor: Mr. Devine
The ECV TED ED Club shows students how to share their ideas by developing presentation literacy. Come to room 208 during 7th period on Tuesdays to learn about effectively presenting your great ideas.