El Cajon Valley High School

A pathway choice for creative students interested in:
eye paint
* Learn the history of Photography
* Darkroom basics
* Camera operation
* Creative applications
* Work with Adobe Photoshop
* Build a traditional portfolio
* Meets GUHSD Fine Arts and UC "g" requirements

Printing and Graphics/Media    
Printing and Graphics Picture

* Create logos, posters, brochures, and packing products
* Use Adobe Creative Suite
* Use graphic designs principles
* Create a large selection of printed pieces
* Meets GUHSD Fine Arts and UC "g" requirements

Video Production
Video Production Picture

* Learn many techniques of broadcast journalism and video cinematography 
* Use video camcorders and industry standard editing software
* Produce projects, such as feature stories and advertisements
* Computer programs, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Photoshop will be taught   
* College credit available 
AME Teachers 
Matt Rabasco
Photographic Art
(619) 401-4832

Mike Helkenn
Printing and Graphics
(619) 401-4882

Diann Kueny
Video Production
(619) 401-4826