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The new facility serving high school students and adults includes classroom and office space, 28 welding booths for combined Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Flex Core Arc Welding. In addition, there are seven welding booths for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)(TIG), restrooms and a changing area. The programs offered include Metal Masters: Design, Fabrication & Welding, as well as American Society Certification, projected to serve 180 students a year.
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Welding Victory
Students from ECV Welding Program Win Big at Welding Thunder Competition- Student welders from the El Cajon Valley Welding Program showed their expertise at the bi-annual Welders Without Borders Welding Thunder Welding Fabrication Team Invitational and Expo 2012, held Oct 19 - 21 at the Arizona Western College Institute of Welding Technology. A team of eight students traveled with welding instructor Nick Williams to Yuma to match their skills against 19 other teams of high school and college welders.

Each team received a set of blueprints complete with standard American Welding Society (AWS) welding symbols and a pile of steel. Students welded and fabricated in four person teams, tagging in or out every hour, from 8am

 to 5pm on Saturday and for another four hours on Sunday. The final result was a barbeque that followed specifications but also included one “secret component” designed by the team. The ECV welders came up with a combination shelf/handle for their barbeque, and for their skill and ingenuity the team was awarded the “People’s Choice” honor!
 welding contest
In addition, all welders participated in an individual competition completing two passes on a $55,000 virtual welder. Out of approximately 100 contestants, Anthony Crisp, a senior at El Cajon Valley High School scored the highest single pass score of 94 out of 100 and was awarded a $281 Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding hood. 
Congratulations to team members: Anthony Crisp, Kyle Grande, Abraham Aldama, Charles Thompson, and Daniel Adams from El Cajon Valley High School; Logan Ventimiglia and Schuyler Schoonmaker from Granite Hills High School.

This opportunity was made possible to students in the ECV Welding Program by generous industry partners: Alex Bautista and Lincoln Electric provided the Lincoln truck with welding equipment, along with “El Cajon Valley Welding” embroidered jackets and a pair of gloves for each team member. In addition, Lincoln Electric donated five welding hoods (each valued at $220) for the program. Sam Lindsey of AWS provided accommodations for welders and chaperones and paid the $500 materials fee required for participation.

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