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Ongoing Scholarship Info:
Ongoing Scholarship Bulletin
**Did you miss the CalSoap Scholarship Night on September 29, 2016?
! Lots of great scholarship tips and information.

  • Start Early! You should start looking for scholarships 12-18 months before your start of college.
  • Do not ignore small scholarships. Four scholarships for $250 are just as good as one for $1,000.
  • Apply every year. This is an annual process, not just an incoming college freshman process. You may become eligible for scholarships as you move through college that you were not eligible for as a freshman.
  • Look locally. Many local community organizations, churches and business groups award scholarships to students from their city or county.
  • Be methodical. Set aside a few hours each week to search for scholarships and to submit applications.
  • Be strategic. Apply for scholarships that relate to your major or high school interests and activities. Avoid scholarships where you clearly do not meet the criteria.

Local Colleges Financial Aid and Scholarship Websites
Every college has its own financial aid website. The following links will take you to the financial aid web pages for Colleges and Universities in San Diego:
University of San Diego www.sandiego.edu/financial_aid/
Grossmont Community College www.grossmont.edu/fa/
Cuyamaca Community College www.cuyamaca.edu/finaid/
San Diego State University www.sa.sdsu.edu/fao/
University of California San Diego www.ucsd.edu/current-students/finances/financial-aid/
Pt. Loma Nazarene University www.pointloma.edu/sfs/Undergraduate.htm

Scholarship Searches
The following links will help you find scholarships for college:
College Board
The San Diego Foundation

FAFSA Online Application

THIS LINK will take you to the FAFSA website where you can request a PIN and fill out the FAFSA on-line. If you have any questions, please ask your counselors before submitting the form. Errors may result in less financial aid and a delay in receiving your award. 

California Dream Act

Please click on the following link to find out more information about the California Dream Act www.csac.ca.gov/dream_act.asp