El Cajon Valley High School

Freshmen Calendar

Freshmen Calendar

* Learn about college admissions.
* Meet with a guidance counselor to discuss what you can do to plan for college.
* Get a jump on college prep by choosing a class schedule with honors and AP classes.
* Show colleges you are a well-rounded student by getting involved in extracurricular activities.

* Explore colleges: What kinds of schools should you be looking for?
* Find volunteer activities that are good for you and good for the world.
* Think about taking SAT subject tests while the curriculum is still fresh in your mind.

* Build your college credentials by planning fun ways to get involved this summer.
* Set yourself up for college success with a sophomore class schedule that emphasizes college prep.

* Use your summer to explore jobs and careers that interest you.
* Get yourself to campus! Visit colleges to start finding things you like and don't like about campuses.
* Prepare for a new year by finishing your summer reading and AP prep.