El Cajon Valley High School

mending matters

What is Mending Matters?

We are a non-profit organization that collaborates with Grossmont High School District to provide additional mental and behavioral health support to schools. Three Mending Matters team members are currently collaborating on-site with El Cajon Valley High School.

What does Mending Matters do?

We work directly with the ECV school staff, primarily the vice principals, principal, and counselors, to ensure ALL students are safe and supported. We offer FREE individual and group support for students, regardless of insurance status.

Where is Mending Matters located?

We are located at the ECV campus administration building with the vice principals and counselors. Look for the Mending Matters logo.

When does Mending Matters offer services?

We offer services during general ECV school hours, 7:30am - 3pm. Students are often referred to us by counselors and vice principals. Students can also seek services on their own by walking into the office and asking to speak with a Mending Matters staff or filling out a request form (located in counseling office). 

Who is on the Mending Matters team?  

Each member of the Mending Matters team holds a Master's degree, and is clinically trained and certified to provide mental health services on a school campus.

Sam Put, MSW, PPSC
Ext: 14736

More questions???
Please feel free to email us with any other questions.