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Please follow the following steps if you would like to have a  fundraiser. 
If you do not follow the procedures ASB will keep your funds or you could be personally responsible for the expenses.  
The following guidelines and expectations are to be followed in order for your club or team to sell any food, product or beverage on campus.
  1. In order to sell any food, beverage or product, a Fundraiser Approval Form must be completed and approved two weeks before sales are to begin. Selling products without this paperwork will result in terminating all sales and returning all proceeds to the ASB General account. *Click here for Fundraiser Approval Form.
  2. Throughout the school year, clubs and teams are only allowed to sell products during school hours for 2 weeks (or 10 school days). These days may or may not be consecutive. No two groups may sell similar items on the same day.
  3. In order to avoid competition with the cafeteria, our school is only allowed to sell competitive food items for 4 days throughout the entire school year (while the cafeteria is in 
    operation). These days already include 2 club fairs, which are Pow Wow and Multicultural Week..
  4. According to the new district and state policies, soda and non-nutritional foods may not be sold on campus during school hours. Off campus fundraisers are unlimited but still need to be approved through ASB. Soda and non-nutritional foods may be sold ½ hour after the school day ends.
  5. Review the new  REQUIRED FOOD LAWS.  Effective during or after school hours (up to 30mins after school) A) Up to three categories of food or beverages may be sold each day (e.g. chips, sandwiches, juices, etc).  B) Food or beverage item(s) must be pre-approved by governing board of school district.  C) Only one student organization may be allowed to sell each day.  Food(s) or beverage(s) cannot be prepared on the campus. D) The food or beverage categories sold cannot be the same as the categories sold in the food service program at the school during the same school day
  6. If a cash box is needed for your fundraiser, please complete a “Cash Box Request form”  in advance. At the end of your sales, the Cash Box must be itemized and returned to the Finance Office. If you sold items a starting and inventory must be included.  For your protection, the monies are never to leave campus or be stored in individual classrooms for any length of time.
  7. Receipts for any product purchased by individuals should be submitted to the finance office. These receipts will be reimbursed in a timely manner. Do not take money out of the concession cash box for purchases made. Complete a “ASB Requisition Form” and attach original itemized receipt to form (available in the finance office).
  8. No food shall be sold that isn’t more than 250 calories and doesn’t exceed 35% of total fat, 10% of saturated fat and 35% of total sugar.
  9. No drinks with added sweetener and/or with caffeine shall be sold.
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Steps to Follow for Raising Funds

​ PART I - Fundraising for your Organization

​ PART I - Fundraising for your Organization

Step 1.  Discuss 
Discuss the fundraiser with your students.  Have them vote (keep minutes) to proceed with the fundraiser.

Step 2.  Request
Request permission from ASB by filling out the Fundraiser Request Form You will be notified once your fundraiser is approved (Usually within 48 hours).

Step 3.  Patience
Wait for approval (ASB student vote) for your fundraiser.

Step 4. Proceed
Once approved, you may proceed with your fundraiser.  If you are purchasing an item see PART II
PART II - Purchasing Items for Organization or Fundraiser

PART II - Purchasing Items for Organization or Fundraiser

Step 1.  Discuss 
Discuss the fundraiser with your students.  Have them vote (keep minutes) to proceed with the fundraiser. You will need to attach minutes to PO request.

Step 2.  Get quotes from approved vendors
Getting prices from multiple sources will help you get the best price!

Step 3. Purchase Order
If purchasing an item to sell you MUST get a P.O. from the finance office. Attach minutes to PO request.

Step 4. Order your items using a P.O. number obtained from the Finance Office
You will get a PO from the finance office.  If your vendor does not accept PO's find another vendor or check with Ms. George.

Step 5:  Once you receive your item
Bring the invoice to the finance office/Ms. George.