ECVHS Library Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who use, produce, and share information and ideas to enrich learning, raise achievement, and pursue personal interests.

The El Cajon Valley High School Library values:

  • you
  • welcoming all people interested in reading, learning, studying, collaborating, researching,
  • exploring, creating, and sharing
  • helping all people connect to the resources they need
  • maintaining peaceful places for studying, creating, and collaborating
  • open and honest interactions
  • respectful behavior among staff and students

The GUHSD Library Vision:

  1. Ensure equitable services, resources, and spaces for all GUHSD students to succeed on and off campus.
  2. Provide uninterrupted access to library services by securing equitable staffing. 
  3. Connect students with resources and provide instruction to raise academic achievement. 
  4. Integrate information and digital literacy skills into instruction across grade levels. 
  5. Partner with teachers to develop curriculum, create resources, and deliver instruction. 
  6. Contribute to the successful implementation of district and school initiatives such as Future Forward and CTE. 
  7. Promote a love of reading and learning through print and digital collection development and programming. 
  8. Enrich school culture through exhibits, events, and other activities. 
  9. Encourage curiosity, exploration, and creation through Makerspaces and other resources. 
  10. Foster community by providing safe spaces that promote understanding, communication, and collaboration. 

Signing In

Signing In iconSigning Intitle

We want to make the library as welcoming as possible, so we have a paperless sign in system. Whenever students enter the library, they simply enter their ID number and check the main reason they are visiting the library, and leave their pass on the counter of the circulation desk.

Teachers who want to be sure that the students they sent to the library with a pass actually made it to the library can check the sign in sheet online (must be logged in to a teacher GUHSD Google Account to view).

Most Recent Sign Ins:


Passes to the Library

Passes to the Library iconPasses to the Librarytitle

During scheduled classes, all students visiting the library should have a pass to the library. Teachers will be given a pad of library passes at the beginning of the year and can request new ones as needed. If no library pass is available, a piece of paper with student’s first/last name, date/time, what s/he is doing, and teacher’s signature.
When students don’t have a class scheduled, they can visit the library without a pass. Click here to see the library calendar and hours.

Bringing Your Class to the Library

Bringing Your Class to the Library iconBringing Your Class to the Librarytitle

The library loves visitors! Teachers wishing to use the library’s resources (our book collection, our presentation space, our Montgomery Makerspace, our table space) can follow these procedures to reserve a spot in the library:
  • Decide which of our library spaces you would like to use.
  • Check our calendar of events to see our availability.
  • Email both Mr. Devine and Mrs. Tilley in order to get your group added to the library calendar.
    • Note: sometimes, we can schedule more than one group in the library at one time. For example, you may see a teacher listed on the calendar as bringing a handful of students to the library--that time would still be available for you to bring your students.
If you would like Mr. Devine to present to your group (book talks, sharing best research practices, creating in the Montgomery Makerspace, how to use educational web tools, etc.) please include that in your email request.

ID Cards

ID Cards iconID Cardstitle

All students are issued school ID cards. In the library, we scan your ID card in order to check out materials, such as library books or Chromebook loaners. You can also check out materials with your ID number and by answering some questions to verify your identity, but having your ID card is preferred.
Reasons that having your ID card on you at all times is a good idea:
  • It's a place to put an ASB sticker, which offers discounts to many ASB functions throughout the year
  • Students can get discounts at various retail establishments (such as movie theaters)
  • Checking out materials from the library is easier and faster
  • Everyone should carry identification; it is practice for real life to carry an ID
  • Students who do not have a 6th period or a 7th period can show their ID card to leave campus early with the appropriate sticker
    • If you didn't bring your ID card and you come to the library for a temporary ID card in order to leave early, then you will need to spend a lot of time filling out a form and writing two paragraphs about why you should bring your ID card each and every day.
    • If you don't like the inconvenience of writing paragraphs about your ID card, then simply bring your ID card each day.
If you have lost the ID card that the school gave you, you can order a replacement:
  • See Mrs. Tilley in the library to order a replacement ID card.
  • The replacement fee is $3.00.
    • This fee will be added to your school record when you request a new ID card, so be sure you have actually lost it! Pay when you order or this fine will stay on your record until you pay. Pay your fees as soon as possible to avoid jeopardizing your participation in field trips, dances, and graduation festivities.

Borrowing Books

Borrowing Books iconBorrowing Bookstitle

We love that you want to borrow books from us! Students can borrow a maximum of 5 books at a time. The loan period for each book is 3 weeks. If you would like to borrow a book for longer than 3 weeks, then simply bring it to the library before its due date and renew it for another 3 weeks. As long as no one else is waiting for the book, you can renew it.
Turn in your book by the due date in order to avoid overdue fees!
Overdue book fees:
  • $0.10 for each school day overdue
  • maximum fee for overdue books = $10.00 (100+ days overdue)
Lost/damaged book fees:
  • Soft cover: $15.00
  • Hard cover: $30.00


Printing iconPrintingtitle

We now have Google Cloud Printing in the library! Students can print up to 10 pages (two-sided) each day in the library.
How students print in the library:
  • Sign in (remember--you always sign in when visiting the library)
  • Follow the posted instructions for adding the Library Printer to your Chromebook
  • Open the item you want to print and click print
  • Change the destination from "Save as PDF" to "Library Printer"
Color printing:
  • Color printing is not free.
  • If you would like to print in color, the fee is $0.50 per page. Students must pay the fee before we will print in color.
  • We can only print on 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • Send/share the items to be printed in color to and


Makerspace iconMakerspacetitle

The Montgomery Makerspace (named for retired ECVHS librarian Steven Montgomery) is a place for students to experiment and explore their creativity. For more information about all that the Montgomery Makerspace offers and additional instructions, please click here. While using the Montgomery Makerspace, please follow these simple guidelines:
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Work gently with our materials (especially our electronics) to ensure everyone can enjoy them without them being damaged.


Chromebooks iconChromebookstitle

The ECVHS Library is often your destination for resolving Chromebook issues. For more information about Chromebooks and Chromebook procedures at ECVHS, please visit the Chromebook FAQ page on the ECVHS website.