El Cajon Valley High School

A depiction of a word cloud using the word RESPECT and its many synonyms.
Respect Word Cloud
ECV’s Be Brave Character “Keys”
The ECV Keys to success in school and in life are summarized in the following character traits.
These traits help students achieve the essence of Being BRAVE. Commit to keeping these keys
in your interactions with your peers and colleagues. You will see that they open up a world of
opportunity and success. The Nine Keys to Success are:
RESPECT – August: Show regard for yourself and others. Speak and act with good purpose.
Treat others the way they expect to be treated.
INITIATIVE – September: Live in the “NOW.” Focus your attention on the present moment.
Seize the day by achieving personal goals and taking action.
OWNERSHIP – October: Be responsible for the actions you take and the choices you make. Be
accountable for your behavior. Be proud of your accomplishments.
COMMITMENT – November & December: Be dedicated to personal and academic
achievement. Persevere in the face of obstacles.
RESOURCEFULNESS – January: Make the best of what you have and learn how to get what you
need. Be willing to change what you are doing to achieve what you want. Seek the support you
need and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.
BALANCE – February: Manage your time in your pursuit of academic, social, professional, and
personal endeavors. Seek harmony in your life.
INTEGRITY – March: Make the right choice when you are alone or with others. Live so that
your behavior matches your core values. Be honest and trustworthy.
CITIZENSHIP – April: Be an active participant in your family, school, and community.
Participate in your democracy. Know that you are a valuable part of something much greater.
Follow the rules at school and in the community.
RESILIENCE – May & June: Do not let missed opportunities and personal failure knock you
down. Bounce back and learn from your mistakes. Keep your sights focused on your goals.
Be Responsible – Be Respectful – Be Brave