El Cajon Valley High School

This page outlines the different elements of the "Your Story" portion of the HOPE Summer Program. Please see the descriptions and links to resources below:

Tuesday's Plan
  •  Students will pair up with a partner and ask questions. Students will record the answers of the first partner. Then, students will pair up again and repeat this process. Encourage students to use as much English as possible, but definitely let students know they can use their primary language. Teachers and Peer Tutors can circulate throughout the room to help students.
  • Afterward, students will be called on to introduce their partner. For example, Lydia may be called on to introduce one of her partners. She will read the responses for her partner that she recorded on her Google Presentation.
  • Google Presentation to be sent out to students in Google Classroom:
Wednesday's Plan
  •  Personality Crests: this is an activity that asks students to create visual representations of their personalities. Directions and guidance are embedded within this Prezi.
  • Have students share their Personality Crests after creating them. 
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Thursday's Plan
Show Student Interviews This is a 15 minute video. Students from this video volunteered to share a little bit of their experience being a newcomer to the US.
Lines of Communication (click on this link to the Google Presentation)
  •  Follow the guides shown below (they are also on the presentation).
  • Students create 2 parallel lines and face each other.
  • The teacher stands on a chair at the beginning of the lines.
  • The teacher asks questions.
  • Students take one step forward and answer questions.
  • The first person in line walks to the end of the line, creating new partners.
  • Ask a new question.
  • Repeat until the questions are asked and answered.
Your Story Project
  • You are going to create a presentation to share your story via Adobe Express. We want to find out more about you! You will share about yourself and you will reflect on the things you have learned during the HOPE Summer Program.
  • Share your creativity! Do amazing things with your presentations. We look forward to what you share with us!
Use Adobe Express! Go to https://www.adobe.com/express
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Friday's Plan
  • Continue with yesterday's plan. Give students time to begin working on their Your Story projects.
  • Add all links to your work to this assignment in Google Classroom!